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STORM 570 & 610

STORM 570 & 610

From $5,499 plus gst

Storm is an intermediate surfski designed with the same features as our Nitro models, but with some added stability, this ski becomes a pure surfing machine, allowing the paddler to focus on paddling hard.

The Storm is a responsive, versatile, and fast surfski in waves and extremely competitive also on flatwater. It is designed for racing and fitness paddling.

The cockpit is developed from years of feedback with a carefully shaped seat, swept back backrest, low hump and a bike bottle holder under the knees for easy access to the included NK bottle. The cutouts on the sides are designed to give a perfectly tight paddle catch.

  • The new foot-controled deBrito bailer, the most efficient on the market

  • Carbon fiber footrest with NK foot strap, self adjusting lines, quick length adjustment

  • Anchor point for leash on the foot strap

  • Packing net on aft deck

  • Bike bottle holder with NK sport bottle in cockpit

  • NK/deBrito rudder control wheel for optimal steering control

  • Race rudder


The Storm comes in two models: the 570 and the 610.
Base your preference on your weight, storage needs and how you want your ski to behave in different conditions.

Storm 570
Recommended paddler weight: 50 kg+
Length: 570cm

Storm 610
Recommended paddler weight: 65 kg+
Length: 610cm


Ice white Uni-direction prepreg carbon construction with high quality 3 mm foam core. Polyurethane white gloss paint finish without visible seam.
Price: $5,499

Raw naked carbon body Ltd edition. Uni-direction carbon construction without paint on the main body to reach a ridiculously low weight yet strong construction. The naked carbon surface is extremely hard making it almost impossible to scratch. Carbon X model should not be stored in direct sunlight.
Price: $6,599